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Welcome to UTS Scuba (DOUTS)

Have you ever been interested in Scuba diving and exploring the ocean? Then welcome to DOUTS the Diving Organisation of UTS Sydney.

We offer UTS students, staff, alumni and our wider community members cheap and easy access to scuba diving around Sydney, interstate and overseas! We cater for both new and experienced divers who want to learn or continue their diving training.

You can get in touch with the committee using the contact us form at the bottom of the page, or visit out Facebook page.

We can offer you access to:

  • Events! See our calendar. We love...
    • Local boat and shore dives
    • Roadtrips, holiday houses and camping interstate
    • Liveaboards and overseas diving holidays
    • Social nights, drins and guest speakers 
  • Our own scuba diving boat "Take 5"
  • Our own club ute, drivable by students and able to tow our boat
  • Our own cheap hire gear for club events
  • A selection of affiliated dive shops where you can do courses, join their events and hire discounted gear in your own time

You can help us out!

The only way these events happen is through our volunteers! We have a group of committee members and an even larger group of activity organisers. 

Please contact us if you would like to run a certain event and we can help you make it happen!

Looking forward to diving with you!!!

DOUTS, Diving Organization of the University of Technology, Sydney                                                                                           Contact us     

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