Welcome to the Diving Organisation of UTS (DOUTS)


Have you ever been interested in Scuba diving and exploring the ocean? Then welcome to DOUTS, the Diving Organisation of UTS!

We offer UTS students, staff, alumni, and our wider community members cheap and easy access to scuba diving around Sydney, interstate and overseas! We cater for both new and experienced divers who want to learn or continue their diving training.

To get in touch with us, visit our Facebook page or see the Contact Us section.





Our club can offer you access to:

  • Events such as:
    • Local boat and shore dives.
    • Road trips, holiday houses and camping trips!
    • Liveaboards and overseas diving holidays.
    • Social nights, drinks and guest speakers.
    • See out calendar for upcoming events.
  • Our club scuba diving boat, "Take 5" (image on right)
  • Our club ute, drivable by members and able to tow the club boat.
  • Cheap DOUTS hire gear (BCD, Regs, Weights & Tanks) for DOUTS events.
  • A selection of affiliated dive shops for:
    • Cheaper courses
    • Cheaper hire gear
    • More events!

You can help us out!

The only way these events happen is through our volunteers! We have a small group of committee members and activity organisers, so we are always looking for more people to help. If you would like to help out with this let us know, we're always excited to see fresh faces help out.

We're always on the hunt for more captains to drive our boat as well. Go to DOUTS Skipper Training for more info.


We look forward to diving with you!

There are no upcoming events.