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DOUTS Committee

President:  Thomas Cacitti      email:

It is the duty of the President to:


(a) submit a report, on behalf of the Committee, on the conduct of the affairs of the Association at the Annual General Meeting. 

(b) be the Chairperson and preside at all meetings at which he/she is present. 

(c) represent the Association in contact with other organizations.  (d) be responsible for fostering the interest and direction of the Association. 

(e) oversee the activities of other Committee members.


Safety Officer: (vacant)    email:

The duty of the Safety Officer is to:

(a) assist the President.

(b) Assist and provide direction to events organisers and coordinator
(b) act as Association Safety Officer.
(c)report on matters of diving and club safety within the Association.
(d) keep records of safety incidents.


Secretary:Paige Birkenhead     email:

It is the duty of the Secretary to keep minutes of:


(a) All appointments of office-bearers and members of the Committee;

(b) The names of members of the Committee present at a Committee meeting or a General Meeting; and all proceedings at Committee meetings and General Meetings. 

(c) Conduct all correspondence, 

(d) Keep a register of all members

Treasurer: Juan Barba         email: 

It is the duty of the Treasurer of the Association to ensure that:

(a) All money due to the DOUTS is collected and received and that all payments authorized by the committee are made;

(b) Correct books and accounts are kept showing the financial affairs of the DOUTS including full details of all receipts and expenditure connected with the activities  and statement of accounts to each regular meeting of the Committee.

(c) All monies of the Association are deposited in the Association's bank account;

(d) Pay accounts as directed by the Committee;

Events Coordinator: Adam Van-Zuylan email:

Responsible for the overall activities for DOUTS, coordinating the club calendar and providing direction for future events.

Communications Officer: (vacant)   email:

Responsible for content that is published by DOUTS.

eg Facebook page, club website, UTS Sport website. Also responsible for communicating club activities and events to UTS Sports Manager.

Equipment and Assets Officer: Rob Laird    email:

 1 rob dive master douts09-2.jpg

Responsible for the assets and equipment of DOUTS. Including matters pertaining to the use of the boat, skipper training, relationship with local dive centers, club ute, and hire gear.


 Student Liaison: Jemima McDonald   email:

  It is the duty of the Student Liaison of the Association to ensure:
  (a) The committee is aware of student perspectives
  (b) The committee is up to date on student activities
  (c) There is an increase student recruitment and retention and
bring recommendations to committee to achieve this in an economical way
In combination with communications ensure that DOUTS is known at UTS

Representing DOUTS on campus.  Provide co-ordination with students calendars, on campus promotions, clear campus mail box. Coordinate O'Day stalls and direct student enquiries.

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