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We get a lot of questions from all over about the club and scuba diving in general, and we are more than happy to answer! Please don't be shy, our only interest in helping share our beautiful underwater world with as many people as possible!

If any of the questions below don't help, don't hesitate to email us! Best start is, who can direct you to the right person.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of events to DOUTS offer?
  • The club caters for both brand-new and experienced diver's alike. Shore, boat (we have our own), night, photographic, shark, wreck, and technical diving are all practiced by our members. We meet regularly for talks, presentations, slide shows and videos as well as social get-togethers
  • So, join the club! Simply click Joining and Renewal to the left. It's the quickest way to get in touch with people who can help you start diving.
I am new to diving, where do I start?
  • First you need to get an "Open Water" diving certificate. There are many organisations that provide this, however the most popular (and worldwide accredited) are PADI and SSI.
  • We offer discounted group courses to our members around February and August (through an accredited dive shop), but are happy to find you the best deal from a shop convenient to you anytime of the year. Just send us an email. As of 2013, you can expect to pay between $200-350 for a PADI/SSi accredited open water certificate.
  • Be careful, if you see a great deal online, there may be strings attached. We are happy to evaluate any deal you find, so let us know.
What gear do I need?
  • None! We have plenty of hire gear, and can point you in the right direction for gear we don't have.
  • We do however recommend as a new diver investing in your own Mask, Wetsuit and Flippers. Not only are they the easiest kit to pack when you inevitably go away diving, but we don't hire them out (and you will need to hire through a shop).
I am not a student or associated with UTS, can I join?
  • Generally, Yes!
  • If you know a club member, and they are happy to refer you, simply provide their name when signing up
  • If you do not know any members, drop us an email, we will take it from there.
How do I sign up to an event?
  • If it is a diving event, you need to have sent a scan of your open water certificate to, and been approved.
  • Then simply login to our website, click events, choose an event and you can sign up, choose hire gear and pay via paypal (preferred) there.
I would really like to do X event
  • Great! Any club member can run an event, using club gear and assets (vehicle, boat). Our system is simple to learn. We will be more than happy to help you setup your first event, or perhaps point you in the direction of someone who can run it for you. Let us know.
  • We are also always looking for boat captains to run events, if you have a Boat Licence, or are interested in getting one, we'd like to hear from you.
Can you recommend a dive shop?
  • As a club, we buy all our gear and do courses through Frog Dive at Willoughby, which we certainly recommend. However, there are a wide variety of dive shops (of varying quality and service) around Sydney and we are happy to point you in the direction of reputable shops close to you.
What dive sites are around?
  • Heaps! Within the last few years we have been to the Barrier Reef, Vanuatu, Fiji, and closer to home such as Forster, South West Rocks, Narooma, Merimbula. And locally, there is plenty of diving in Kurnell, Sydney Harbour, South Sydney and outside the heads.
  • A great resource for diving sites in Sydney is, have a look around.
What are your prices?
  • As a student club, our aim is to provide affordable and accessible diving to all. Our prices as of 2020 are as follows (This pricing doesn't apply to packaged events, such as overseas and interstate trips, and is subject to change)
  • The DOUTS gear hire rates are half the average cost of the local dive shops in Sydney!! We want to get our members and the student of UTS out and diving at an affordable rate. 

  • Membership  Price (per year)
     Student (from any institution)
     All others  $50

    Events  Price
     Boat: First Dive (Outside Heads)
     Boat: First Dive (Inside Heads)  $20
     Boat: Second Dive  $30
     Shore diving  Free!

    Gear  Price (per day) 
     Tank with Airfill  $15 per tank
     BCD  $10
     Weight Belt with Weights  $5
     Regs with Computer  $10

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